Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Santa Clause ★★★1/2

   "The Santa Clause" is a joyous picture that captures the indefinable magic of Christmas time, along with the humor of one of the world's most regarded comedians in Tim Allen. It pits a middle-class working father in a lovable quandary, brought about by a twist of fate, and sends him on a heartwarming journey that is sure to bring happiness to children and adults, alike.

    Certainly a risible concept at times, the idea of Santa Claus, and the underlining belief that surrounds his existence, is the lifeblood of this film, much like every other motion picture that attempts to express the intricacies of the holiday season. In a way, an individual's faith in Father Christmas is an exemplary real-life illustration of dramatic irony and how it functions.

    We are quite aware that Mr. Kringle does not exist, yet we play along so that our children and youth can revel in the joy of adolescent imagination. This identical blueprint is employed within the structure of this film, except, instead of the fact that Santa does not exist, he does, and we keep this close to our heart as other characters lash out in naivety. There is even a strong sense of sorrow stemming from this complication, as Scott Calvin, our protagonist and resident Saint Nick, is hard-pressed because of his secret identity.

    Tim Allen, whose made a career off of his brand of comedy (capitalized by the popularity of his sitcom, entitled "Home Improvement"), continues to express his inner material, as this becomes the perfect role for the personality actor. His everyday humor and sarcasm fuel the first half of the picture, along with his witticisms, in which he ultimately harasses the personality of his former wive's new beau. In spite of this, Allen must step out of his comfort zone, once the red suit becomes his finest attire.

    This is a critical aspect of the performance, and Allen excels in the transition. Much of his success can also be attributed to the fine work of one particular magician on set, that being the make-up artist, whose quality craftsmanship is reflected in the red cheeks and glorious white beard of the iconic persona at hand.

    As the hustle and bustle consume millions of individuals through this time of year, there are some films that strive to remind us of the magic, behind the myth, of our beloved Père Noël. Let's face it, without Santa Claus, the Christmas season would not be as enjoyable, even if his presence is only a minuscule portion as to why this time is so valuable.

    We have all believed in the allure at some point in our lives, and if you have not, then it is quite likely you will never read this review. "The Santa Clause" is a film that will help you to reminisce on those excitable Christmas Eves, when the thought of your favorite toy being under the tree, whether it be a Barbie doll or Oscar Meyer weenie whistle, warmed you to the soul. And what a feeling it was.

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